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Miscellaneous stuff

These are various extra utilities and extensions.

The t_op-2.0b1-R.diff.gz is a (reversed) patch that provides tilde-style operators, like ~+, ~-, etc. It also adds xor as a keyword (opinion needed for the semantics of xor). See PEP-operator for detailed discussions of the extension.

To build python with these operators, do the following:

The qdindex.py is a python program for "Quick and dirty indexing" which generates the page your are looking at.

Patch for tilde operators t_op-2.0b1-R.diff.gz
Python 2.0 beta 1 source http://pythonlabs.com/tech/python2.0/download.html
Tests tilde operators test_t_op.py
tests/test_cross.py in new syntax test_elem.py
Tests of the new xor keyword test_xor.py
Python Extension Proposal for new operators PEP-operator
Earlier patch against Python CVS on 00-07-20 matop-000720.patch.gz
Earlier test test_matop.py
Related: syntax wishlist http://www.python.org/pipermail/python-list/2000-June/060436.html
Related: aug-assign patch http://www.xs4all.nl/~thomas/python/
Quick and dirty indexing generation tool qdindex.py

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